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Styled Garden

HOA Full Maintenance 

Maintaining the beauty and value of your property is our main objective.

The views are the primary reason that owners opt to live in a Homeowners Association, that is why we offer highest standards of service. 

We provide a wide range of landscaping and lawn service to keep your property looking impeccable all year around with our detail oriented staff.  

From routine lawn mowing to hurricane prep, mulching,  planting annuals, landscaping design, sod installation and maintenance, wet checks, weed and pest control, etc..

Appropriate and consistent tree pruning is essential for a well kept association.

Call us today for a Free Estimate!  Or send us an email.


Tree Trimming

Tree Removal

Outside Unlimited USA is a complete tree service company providing customers with an outstanding customer service and a great experience.

Professional Tree Services include: Trimming, pruning, tree removal, storm damage cleanup, lot clearing, shaping, stump grinding. 

Residential or commercial, we are fully licensed (B-160) and insured.

Remember that poor pruning can cause damage that lasts for the life of the tree, we follow ANSI A300 tree standards, leave the work for the pros and call us today!


Stump Grinding 

Tree Stumps and the danger of termites. Why is it important to remove the stump after we take down a tree? Not only because it does not look esthetically  pleasant and reduces the value of your property but also because stumps can attract termites and other kinds of insects. When a tree stump harbors disease, it is likely that the disease will spread to live trees.

No matter the size or the location of the stump we can remove it.

Water Sprinkler


A proper irrigation is the key part of a healthy, green and beautiful yard. An efficient watering system can save you time and money when it comes to a green yard. Once the sprinklers are placed in the right position, they must be professionally installed. Irrigation specialists will know where and how to place the piping and sprinklers for your property to look healthy and attractive all year around. 

Discussing the Numbers

Property Management Services 

We offer full property management services tailored to your Homeowners Association's needs. 

Our services include:

  • Monthly collection of HOA dues

  • Enforcement of fines and fees

  • Management of HOA financials

  • Ongoing maintenance

  • Finding  vendors

  • Full Professional website and updates

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